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If you want to walk away from a show snapping your fingers and a warm feeling in your belly, go see someone else. If you want to really $%ˆ&#ing party, and walk away quivering, come see CB RADIO.

​About the Band 

Cathy grew up singing along with the 1970s California rock legends on her radio. She was a pretty boring kid. She found out she could sing one day and being the nerd that she was, she signed up for choir. She migrated from S. Texas to Northern Virginia by way of Germany and Ohio. One day in 2014 she had an idea and asked her friend Bruce to form a band with her. So they did. They named the band Beltway Traffic. Which lasted about a month. The band was called Springfield Station for a couple more months, but soon they settled on Cathy B & The Broadcasters. In early 2018, the spirited duo found this hotshot guitarist who changed everything. Including the name of the band. Thus CB RADIO was born, which is both an homage to Cathy's initials and the old fashioned, over-the-airwaves way we used to listen to music.

With Cathy's powerful vocals, CV's phenomenal guitar playing, rounded out by the unmatched rhythm section that is Ryan and Ray, and an incredible repertoire of varying musical styles, CB RADIO is a force to be reckoned with.

CB RADIO is available as a 4-piece band, or an acoustic trio.
We play at bars and clubs, birthday parties, weddings, wakes, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs, first moon parties, divorce parties, holiday soirees, charity events, fundraisers, special and corporate events!
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Apr 26 - David & Cathy Duo Show

JV's Restaurant

6666 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, VA 


May 24


1324 King Street

Alexandria, VA


May 26

American Legion Post 77

4206 Daniels Ave

​Annandale, VA


(followed by the Road Ducks)

May 31 (Trio Show)
JV's Restaurant
6666 Arlington Blvd.
Falls Church, VA

​Jun 14 - David & Cathy Duo Show

JV's Restaurant

6666 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, VA 


Jun 28 

The Mixing Bowl (JW & Friends)

6531 Backlick Road
Springfield, VA​


Aug 3 (Trio Show)

JV's Restaurant

6666 Arlington Blvd.

Falls Church, VA


Band Members

Cathy "The Queen Bee" Baumbusch
Cathy is a military brat who grew up in Germany, California, New York City and S. Texas. She is a retired Army Reserve officer, a self-employed real estate agent and freelance writer. She has been performing with the classical choir
Choralis for over ten years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, an MBA in Project Management, and is studying music at Berklee Online College of Music. But don't let the appearance of strength and discipline fool you. Cathy's a hot mess. But she can also really sing.

Christopher "CV Rave On" Volkstorf

CV is a guitar phenom that dropped out of the sky from an alien world. We hope to keep him as long as we can before the mothership calls him back to his home planet. (We scramble the signals at CB RADIO headquarters so they can't find him.) On previous visits to earth he has played with these bands: 

Straight Lace
Gyno Brothers
Fools Holiday
Mr. Fritz

The Band With No Name
Peace by Piece
Abusement Park

The Other Unamed Band

Mo Green
Hot Buttered Elvis
Bloody Meri
Breakfast for Dinners

Zombie Jack​


and SUPERFAMOUS. Just to name a few.

Bruce "Goldfinger" Ryan

Bruce is a native Virginian. His ancestors were the first indigenous nudist colony in North America. He learned to play bass through osmosis-- as a teenager he slept with his bass guitar and a Level 1 bass primer under his pillow. After two nights, he helped found “Mike’s Garage.”  He drops names like Joe Lawlor (Egypt, DMB), and Lyle Presslar (Minor Threat, The Meatmen, Samhian) to impress us. He's been in the band Braddock Road and currently we share him with Mars Rodeo.

Ray "Radar" Greenberg

Ray has been playing drums since he was wearing diapers. He's remarkable because he can actually read music. ​The baby of the bunch, Ray also plays with our sister band Mars Rodeo. He still likes to play while wearing diapers, but we keep telling him to keep that to himself.

​Other fine folks who have played with us include: 

Shawn "Speedysticks" Mitchell, Drums
Justin "Squeezebox" Paschalides, Keyboards, Accordion, Harmonica
Eduardo "El Tamboreño" Rodriguez, Drums
Ryan (Ryan 2.0) Connolly, Guitar

Ryan Boese, Guitar

John Forsythe, Bass
Johnnie Cristaldi, Keyboards

Moggio Hozna

Martha Capone of Martha Capone Band, Guitar
David Kitchen, of The David Kitchen Band and The Thrillbillys, Guitar

(look for special David & Cathy Duo shows at JV's Restaurant)

Associated acts:
Mars Rodeo